Celebrate Fun April Holidays with Promotional Products

April is here and it is officially spring. Now that your team has gotten over the whole springing forward from Daylight Savings Time and are finally settling into your warmer-weather routine, you have the chance to keep their moods up and their productivity high by celebrating some of the fun and silly holidays April brings. Grab some promotional products and get your clients and employees excited about the new month and remembering your company.

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day April 2

It was your very favorite lunch for your mom to make for you when you were in elementary school and every now and then you admit to enjoying one of these sweet and savory treats at work so you don’t have to always think of yourself as a grownup. On April 2, encourage all of your employees to enjoy a Throwback Thursday at lunchtime by serving up some delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. Hand out personalized cups brimming with the only acceptable beverage to go along with a classic PB&J – ice cold milk – and take an extra-long lunch together. Whether you decide to follow it up with recess or not is up to you, but if you do, give everyone a flying disk so even if you’re playing gets out of hand anyone who finds a wayward disk can still see your company name.

Third Week: Organize Your Files Week

Organization is always important in your office, but day-to-day productivity and stresses can get in the way of your employees keeping their work spaces clean and neat. In the third week of April, celebrate Organize Your Files Week and help your employees get your office spaces back under control. Give out personalized desk caddies so your employees can keep their pens, scissors, candy, and other tools neat and out of the way. Choose something simple like an organizer that resembles a cup or one that is more interesting like a wave pattern that creates a soothing shape on the desk. For a sleek, polished look to keep papers, documents, and business cards neat, offer your executives binders perfect for keeping on their desks or carrying with them to meetings.

National Cheeseball Day April 17

You might have a hidden love for those bright red and orange cheeseballs you find on the Thanksgiving buffet every year, but how much do you think about them throughout the rest of the year? April 17 is National Cheeseball Day, the perfect chance for you to shake off those holiday stereotypes and break out that favorite cheesy goodness. Celebrate with employees and clients with personalized cheese sets ideal for nut-rolled cheeseballs or any other cheese snack. Of course you could also interpret this fun holiday as being in celebration of all the silly and goofy impulses we all have, and if that is the path you decide to take, try encouraging all of your employees to throw on a hat or shirt with a funny image or saying and take the afternoon to show off your best inner cheeseball.

National Jelly Bean Day April 22

Do you want to make every employee and client who walks into your business smile? Then celebrate National Jelly Bean Day on April 22. Display personalized apothecary jars filled with theme-color jelly beans on counters and welcome everyone to take a handful to enjoy during the day. For even more fun, give each employee or client a 4oz apothecary jar of their own so they can sneak some of these sweet childhood treats whenever the mood strikes them. This is a great day to fill up a huge jar or bottle with jelly beans and have a contest where visitors to your store guess how many beans are in the container for a chance to win a special promotional prize.

Pig in a Blanket Day April 24

Nobody really wants to be called a pig, but who can resist the cuddly comfort of embroidered personalized blankets? On April 24 celebrate Pig in a Blanket Day with a themed lunch of the snack and party time favorite and give out blankets your employees and clients can use for all of those upcoming picnics they have planned for the spring and summer.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day April 23

April 23 is Take Your Daughter to Work Day, which means your office may be filled with little girls clamoring to find out what it is their mothers and fathers do all day. An hour or two into finding out that a lot of working is sitting at a desk making calls and typing on the computer, however, and these little ones might figure out that this was not the best day ever. Make this celebration more fun by giving them teddy bears with your company logo and handing out puzzles so they have their very own work to do.

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