Custom Embroidery FAQs

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is a lovely and elegant way to customize apparel, bags, blankets, and other promotional products. Text or a design is digitized, which means it is translated into the language the computer-based embroidery program understands, and then put into the program. This allows the image or words to be stitched onto the fabric in your choice of many colors of thread. The result is an attractive, lasting, and high-quality customization option perfect for adding names, monograms, or logos onto fabric items.

What types of items can we embroider?

Custom-embroidered items make high-quality promotional products as well as other aspects of your marketing and business strategies. We can embroider a huge variety of items, including t-shirts, polo shirts, uniforms, baseball caps, tote bags, sweatshirts, dress shirts, and more. This means you can create impressive and attractive uniforms for your employees and field team, promotional products for customers, and gifts for business partners and executives. Embroidered items also make fantastic fundraising opportunities for sports teams, schools, organizations, and more.

What color threads are available?

The colors you choose for your embroidery make a major impact on the finish of your pieces. Whether you want to use the colors of your business, create a new logo, or add some personalized flair to each item, it is important that you have the right shades of thread throughout your design. We have a huge array of thread color options available, including multi-color threads and metallic options. If you want something specific that we do not have in stock, feel free to ask us about it and we’ll see if we can get it for you.

How is the price of a design determined?

The price of your particular design is determined by the design’s stitch count. This refers to the actual number of stitches in the final design once it has been stitched out onto your material. We figure out the stitch count by digitizing the design, which automatically tells us how many stitches. Lower stitch count designs have lower prices, so ask us about ways you may be able to lower the stitch count in your design while still getting a desirable result for your finished product.

What is applique embroidery?

While traditional embroidery uses only thread to stitch out the design, applique uses pieces of fabric to create letters. We place fabric over the area of your item you want embroidered and use stitches to create the outline of each of the letters. The excess fabric is then cut away, leaving the bold, impressive letters. This is a fantastic way to create a very large words or monograms without the extreme stitch counts, or for a smoother effect that does not feature the textures made by the stitches. Another way to add depth, dimension, and intensity to your stitched designs is through puff or 3D embroidery. This uses different embroidery techniques to create raised areas of your embroidery. This layering adds a luxurious, polished, and professional look to the finished products and works best with items such as sports hats, bags, and jackets with rounded or block letters.

Give us a call to find out more about embroidery and learn how we are able to create gorgeous promotional products for your business with this specialized technique.

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