Hot Promotional Product Trends for 2015

The year is still fresh and the rest of it is ahead of you, just waiting for you to make the most of your business and reach for your success aspirations. This means you have plenty of time to work on your marketing and start integrating unique and exciting promotional products into your advertising and networking strategies.

While you are looking for the products that are right for your business, consider some of these hot products that are setting trends and proving to be some of the most popular and impressive products available for the 2015 year.

Custom Barware

Bars and restaurants are stepping away from the generic and making their mark with custom barware. Screen printed plastic mugs and cups are inexpensive giveaways for large events, but glass items are far more impressive. These trendy items include pilsner glass, shot glasses, and mugs with printed logos that are perfect for special events or giveaways for VIP customers and business partners.

Phone Accessories

Most people feel like they can’t live without their phones, and for good reason. Cell phones are no longer just a way to stay in touch when you aren’t at home. These little devices are calendars, entertainment devices, payment methods, and sources of valuable information. The importance of mobile devices make phone accessories some of the hottest new promotional products. Put your logo or company information on smartphone wallets, phone holders with stands, power banks, and carrying bags. You can even indulge your customers’ desire to share their lives with tiny remotes that trigger the camera on a phone for the perfect selfie. Whether you hand these products out to your clients or have your employees use them when out in the field, they keep your business right in front of people all the time.

Reusable Bags

The Green Initiative is still going strong, which means many of your customers are concerned about the environment and their impact. To keep up with this, promotional product trends are moving toward reusable items that serve a specific purpose. Totes are an extremely popular option that are perfect for using in your business, at trade shows, and in your own life. Emblazoned with your logo and slogan, these bags make their way through grocery stores, farmer’s markets, other businesses, and more, showing off your business to a huge number of prospective customers. Specialized bags are also on the rise, making it possible for you to put your mark on bags that are applicable to your specific type of business. Promotional shoe bags, backpacks, sports bags, and more expand your product line, create exceptional giveaways and incentives, and make a strong connection in the minds of existing and prospective customers between your niche and your business. 

Get in touch with us to find out more about the hottest trends in promotional products and start choosing the products and giveaways to boost your business in 2015.

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