Improve and Expand Your Business with Custom Screen Printing

When it comes to growing your business and keeping it strong, one of the most important considerations is visibility. If potential clients do not know you exist, there is no way they can become clients. Of course, visibility comes in many different forms, and it is up to you to find the ways that work with your business and that fit with your marketing budget. Even if you have not designed an extensive marketing campaign or have a limited budget, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve and expand your business is through custom screen printing.

Custom screen printing allows you to take the most basic of apparel, the T-shirt, and transform it into a powerful business tool. T-shirts are not only versatile but inexpensive, making them an ideal item to fit into your marketing approach.

Some of the reasons T-shirts offer an ideal complement to your marketing and merchandising approach include:

  • T-shirts come in a huge variety of colors, making them appealing to a tremendous audience. These colors also allow you to market specific shirts directly to organizations with color themes, such as other businesses, schools, and clubs
  • T-shirts are one of the fastest and simplest forms of uniforms available. While many organizations, business, clubs, and teams choose embroidered polo shirts or other, more formal, uniforms, T-shirts offer the incredibly flexibility and versatility of appealing to a more casual approach, fitting a broader range of people, and becoming a canvas for your personal designs. Whether the client wants a simple name across the back or an elaborate logo, screen printing T-shirts gives a polished professional finish without a tremendous investment
  • T-shirts are an easy way to expand your merchandise offerings. With very few exceptions, nearly every business should have merchandise available for purchase. This is a simple stream of passive income and provides the additional benefit of marketing after someone has made a purchase. Merchandise is also an effective fundraising approach for schools, bands, clubs, organizations, houses of worship, and other groups looking to raise awareness of themselves and increase their revenue. Custom T-shirts are inexpensive to purchase, particularly when purchased in bulk, which means you can offer them for purchase inexpensively. Custom designing them allows you to create several different options to appeal to customers and members of different tastes so you can broaden your customer base. In many situations you do not have to make the investment of purchasing a huge order of shirts at once. Add a picture of your custom shirts to your website, show an example at a game, show, or meeting and have interested customers fill out order forms, or just wear one around and wait for people to ask about it. When orders come in, you can make bulk orders and deliver them
  • Designing your Screen printed T-shirts online allows you to create completely customized and unique shirts for your particular needs. You can add text, logos, and other graphics, choose from a huge array of fonts, and add color to create the look that is perfect for your needs. If you need help getting some inspiration, our team of exceptional designers are standing by to help you narrow your focus and help you come up with an incredible design for your T-shirt needs. If you want to offer something on a more elevated scale for special customers or more expensive merchandise, ask about adding shirts with embroidery to your selection
  • Someone wearing a shirt is an incredibly effective form of marketing. Anyone who sees that person sees the shirt. This makes shirts an easy way to get the name of your company out in front of a large number of people. Consider sponsoring a team, club, walking group, or other organization and distributing shirts with your name and logo on them to proclaim your support and add dimension to your marketing approach.

Call 817-529-9909 to learn more about screen printing and how custom-designed t-shirts can help you with your marketing and merchandising approaches.

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