Tips for Boosting Morale and Productivity with Promotional Products

Every business has productivity goals and daily objectives, and as a business owner you want to see these goals and objective met and exceeded as much as possible. When it comes to getting and keeping your business at its best, however, you have to think beyond these on-paper ideas and to the people who you rely on to actually put in the work and effort to accomplish them.

One of the most important elements of business productivity is the morale of the employees, and in your role as their leader it is your responsibility to find ways to keep this morale up. Employees who feel satisfied and happy in their work environment are much more likely to work harder and pursue greater levels of success. While there are many ways you can increase the morale of your team, promotional products are a fantastic and versatile way to get started.

Try some of these tips for increasing your business’s productivity by boosting the morale among your employees:

  • Give recognition. You might think that withholding acknowledgement from your employees is an effective way of encouraging them to work harder in pursuit of this acknowledgement, but in reality the absolute opposite is true. Getting recognition from their leaders is an incredibly motivating factor for most employees, and those who receive it will often work harder in order to maintain those good feelings. Use little awards and moments of recognition to show your employees how much they matter to you and that you appreciate the hard work they put into helping you achieve your business goals
  • Celebrate with them. Your employees have lives outside of their jobs and when you take a moment during the day to acknowledge that life, they feel special and important. Make it a point to know your employee’s birthdays and anniversaries. Make a note of the date you hired individual employees so you can take a moment to thank them and let them know the difference they make on that particular day each year. These celebrations do not have to be elaborate. Something as small as a card, a few personal words, and an inexpensive promotional item can make a tremendous difference
  • Get competitive. People are competitive by nature so tapping into this can not only let your employees have a little fun, but can also boost their productivity and quality of work. Host competitions among your employees with incentives and prizes for the winners. These competitions can be work-related, such as exceeding quotas and finding new clients, or non-work related, such as an exciting Office Olympics or can drive. Divide your employees up into teams and give each an embroidered polo, embroidered cap, Jacket or screen printed shirt to set them apart and give them team mentality
  • Create a united feeling. Most people enjoy feeling like they are part of a team. This sense of unity and like they are in a situation with others, all working toward a common good and sharing in the pride and excitement of being the exclusive members of that group. Develop this feeling among your employees by having them wear apparel with your company logo or a slogan, give them bags and keychains with the logo, and regularly host teambuilding activities and experiences where you can all have fun together.

Contact us to find out more about how promotional products can help you achieve higher levels of morale among your employees so they can work toward your productivity goals.

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