Top Promotional Products to Have on Hand

Marketing is what gets your business seen and what ensures your potential customers become your realized customers. Though word of mouth is an extremely important element of building a customer base and growing your business, you can’t expect to reach your goals without a strong marketing strategy. If you are like many business owners, when you hear “marketing” you automatically think of things like radio spots, TV commercials, Internet ads, and even the giant signs you hang outside of your space. While all of these are effective and can be elements of a multilayered marketing approach, the most effective marketing is often the things you do on a day-to-day basis when interacting with potential clients.

Think of all of the times during the day that you talk with people. From standing in line at the grocery store or bank to getting your hair cut or talking with the people at your children’s school, you interact with people all day, every day. Each of these interactions gives you a powerful opportunity to not only let people know you own your own business, but to encourage them to become part of your customer base without having to seem pushy.

Having a few carefully-chosen promotional products on hand at all times lets you take advantage of each of these interactions in a way that is subtle, yet effective. Some of the best promotional and marketing products to have on hand include:

  • Business cards. Though they used to be something that every businessperson carried, business cards have somewhat fallen by the wayside. In this hyper-technological world, many people would rather pull out their phones and exchange numbers or social media handles than actually exchange cards. Having high-quality business cards, however, makes you look professional, polished, and serious about your business. Design your cards to match the theme and feel of your business as well as your personal preferences so you feel good about handing over your card if your business comes up in conversation
  • Informational fliers. Many stores have community bulletin boards where local businesses and individuals can post information about their offerings. Create a bold, engaging flier that tells about your business and offers some sort of promotion and post it on these boards. This is a fantastic way to advertise an upcoming sale or to introduce the community to a brand-new business
  • Trade show giveaways. How often throughout the day do you see someone, potentially yourself, fumbling around looking for a pen? Have a few pens with your company logo on them tucked in your pocket at all times so when you see someone in search of that elusive writing implement to sign a credit card receipt, give a phone number, or fill out a form, you can swoop in with a pen that they can bring with them. They can’t help but notice your company name and may be more inclined to check your business out since they met you personally
  • Promotional Candy. Have you ever had someone offer you a mint while you were waiting in line or in a waiting room and immediately took notice of the container? You probably noticed the brand of mint and perhaps the flavor. Now imagine if you were able to give that same effect to someone but it was your company logo they noticed rather than a brand or flavor? Bring along a customized tin of mints for any occasion you may have to pop one in your mouth.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our promotional products and let us help you choose ones that will help you create a strong and engaging marketing campaign.

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