Zero In on These Three Tips for Achieving Your Goals with Focus

When it comes to achieving goals, focus is crucial. Whether your goal is to spend more time with your partner and children, or reach higher productivity and success within your business, focusing on each step to realize these aspirations helps you progress toward them more efficiently. As simple as this sounds, focus is sometimes the most difficult aspect of pursuing your goals. Use these tips to work toward better focus so you can take on your aspirations with confidence.

1. Get Rid of Distractions

Distracting surroundings prevent you from keeping your mind on what you should be doing. Eliminating the distractions around you clears your mind so you can concentrate fully on each task. Start with your workspace and create a streamlined, clean area where papers, books, folders, and supplies have a designated space away from your desk and pictures or other decorative items remain at a minimum. Use a desk organizer to streamline the area and keep all supplies close at hand. When working on a project, dedicate your time fully to that task. Do not check your email, stay off of social media, and let voice mail handle your calls until you have completed what you are doing.

2. Eliminate the Idea of Multitasking

You may think that trying to tackle several things at once is the way to get more done in the day. In reality, the concept of so-called "multitasking" is one of the biggest pitfalls of productivity. When you give a little bit of attention to multiple activities, you do not give your full attention to any, so you end up delaying everything you start. Use a desk calendar to organize your tasks and keep your goals easily in sight. When you are tempted to get involved in more than one task, remind yourself what about your goals is inspiring and important to you, slow down, and put all of your attention into one task.

3. Prioritize the Steps in Your Goals

Every goal features smaller steps that move your forward. Whether your goal is something long-term such as starting your own business or a something short-term such as finishing your productivity objectives for the day, breaking up your goals into these individual pieces makes your aspirations more accessible. Once you have identified the steps of your goal, prioritize them so you work toward accomplishing your goal effectively and efficiently. When you complete each step, give yourself a moment to enjoy the sense of accomplishment and let this fuel you forward through the next step. If you are feeling tense, take a few minutes to squeeze a stress ball and refresh your mind for the next task. Keeping a customized ball with your company logo on your desk is a simple way to add some personality to your space and keep up your morale without cluttering the surface.

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